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Eric G. Pfahler - ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Boxing/Kickboxing Trainer

Eric PfahlerEric Pfahler has been involved in the fitness industry for over 20 years as a professional and participant.  His interest in fitness began early in his life while involved in organized team sports. However, he didn’t understand the importance of personal training programs until he began training at various boxing and kickboxing gyms in the early 80’s.  Eric was trained by both professionals and amateurs and realized how important the “human factor” was in the training process.  He then went on to become a Personal Trainer at a few well-known gyms in Buffalo, New York.  During this time, he also used his personal training and boxing expertise to help a friend establish a very successful fitness studio.

Subsequently, Eric went on to business school, obtained an MBA and worked in numerous marketing management positions.  After this transitional period in his life, it soon became clear how important fitness had been in his life and how a career in personal training gave him the opportunity to directly touch people’s lives in a positive way. He then decided to return to the fitness industry by starting his own personal training studio in South Florida and ultimately brought the concept back to Buffalo, NY.

Eric’s sincere belief in customer service and expertise in personal training and boxing/kickboxing create the foundation for the Fit2Box Fitness Studio concept.

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