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Eric Pfahler - ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Personal Training Testimonials

As you'll see below, there are many different reasons for personal training and ways we can approach your particular training needs. I've also dealt with many different ages and abilities. I just want to find something that is motivating, fun and effective. Below are some reviews by past clients:

"I've been a personal training client at Fit2Box Fitness Studio since Eric opened in 2004. I enjoy Fit2Box because a one-hour session flies by and I love the results. I've lost body fat and inches while becoming stronger. Eric always mixes up the workout with weight training, boxing and kickboxing. I'd recommend Fit2Box Fitness Studio to anyone who gets bored easily and doesn't like the monotony of choreographed group classes."

Jayne Blyer, Age 44

"I've been coming to Fit2Box Fitness Studio for over a year and a half now. What brought me to Fit2Box was my desire for a more personalized training program with a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. I have definitely found that to be the case at Fit2Box. (I actually look forward going to workout). Also, I achieved my fitness goals of relieving stress, toning muscles, and gaining more flexibility, all within a short period of time. I would recommend Fit2Box to a friend because I have seen such positive results and I know they would be as satisfied as I am."

Carol Jellinger, Age 59
Mental Health Counselor

"I've been coming to Fit2Box Fitness Studio since they opened in October of 2004. The personalized fitness training tailored to each individual's need is what attracted me to Fit2Box. The professionalism and motivation from Eric is what keeps me coming back. Physical training takes discipline and dedication. Fit2Box helps you achieve your goals with its personalized one-on-one training in their clean and comfortable environment."

Dena Smith, Age 31

"Working out at Fit2Box is the best fitness decision I have ever made. I started working out with Eric just over a year ago. During that time I have dropped 3 dress sizes and 30 pounds. More importantly, Eric has made working out fun again. The combination of boxing, weight training and floor core work makes the hour go by quickly. I have never been overworked to the point of being too sore to work the next day. Eric gages your workout to meet your needs and ability with quality results. His workout protocol has really strengthened my core. As a Chiropractor, I appreciate the importance of this in preventing low back pain and have personally felt an improvement in my back health. Another major benefit I have noticed is the stress relief that comes with the Fit2Box workout. I never thought that it would feel so good to hit something! At first I was intimidated by the idea of boxing, but that quickly disappeared during my first session. Eric is a great teacher and is the most knowledgeable trainer I have worked with. He takes a sincere interest in his clients’ health and fitness. I constantly recommend Fit2Box to my patients, friends and family. It’s fun, motivating and effective."

Dr. Barbara Coyle
Owner - Coyle Chiropractic

"I have been coming to Fit2Box on and off (mostly on) for almost 6 months. I can't believe at 84 yrs. old I am walking 35 minutes and doing light weight exercises without huffing and puffing thanks to Eric. I would recommend Eric because he knows what he's doing."

Jo (Josephine) Noble, Age 84
Business Owner/ Mother

"Joining Fit2Box is the single best thing I've ever done for my health and fitness. It's been a great way to finally get back in the best shape of my life and stay that way. I've found the private boxing and weight training sessions to be fun and effective. Eric not only knows fitness, he knows people. He's a great teacher and motivator. I can't imagine not having Fit2Box in my life."

Dr. Paul Schupp, Age 45
University Professor

"We are seasonal residents and we've been coming to Fit2Box for 2 years now. We enjoy Fit2Box because we get to spend time together while working out and having fun. We love the personalized training program and it has helped us both get fit, get stronger, and lose inches. It's amazing for your golf swing as well because of the increase in core strength. Plus, we both have more stamina at work. Before this we didn't like working out but with Eric's workout we now spend 2 hrs a week getting away from our usual stressful routine. We'd recommend Fit2Box Fitness Studio to anyone because it's fun and a great way to get in shape. Plus, it's a private studio and there's no reason to feel self-conscious."

Mick Jenner & Hanne Jorgensen (Husband/Wife Team), Ages 37 & 33
Assistant Horse Trainers

"I have been coming to Fit2Box for almost 4 months. It's not crowded, it's a nice private studio and you get one-on one attention. I really like the boxing/kickboxing part because I think it adds to the workout and really produces results. In a short period of time, I have seen how tone my arms and legs have become and my friends have also noticed. I would recommend Fit2Box Fitness Studio to anyone because there are no crowds, no distractions, you reduce stress and get great results."

Rosetta Bowers, Age 28
Full-Time Mom

"I have been coming to Fit2Box Fitness Studio, Inc. for almost 4 months. I like the fact that it's a one-on-one atmosphere. I like the way I am picking up boxing skills and getting in great shape at the same time. I initially walked into the studio inquiring about learning to box. I liked the fact that Eric had plenty of boxing experience and he was open to working with beginners like me who just wanted to pick up boxing skills but not necessarily box as a career. I feel like Eric has been very attentive to my individual goals. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to box, get a very good workout and work with a very motivating trainer."

Felipe Catano, Age 25
Mortgage Professional

"I've been a personal training client at Fit2Box Fitness Studio for almost a year now. I enjoy Fit2Box because it brings the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of working out together. Plus, the workout is great and you sweat the week's stress away. Since starting at Fit2Box I feel much more energetic and healthy. I'd recommend Fit2Box Fitness Studio to anyone who is looking for a workout that you can actually look forward to.

Dr. Russell Elba, Age 46
Owner, Worldwide Chiropractic Wellness

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