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Fit2Box StorefrontWe've all heard the news about alarmingly high obesity rates in the US. This has spurred a rise in fad diets, invasive surgery and miracle drugs. Over time our lifestyles have become more sedentary and our eating habits have changed. To alter this we must change our behavior rather than count on a quick fix.

The health and fitness programs we provide ARE PRIVATE, reduce boredom and are very easy to make part of your regular routine because they are fun, exciting and invigorating.  They can also be a perfect supplement to other weekly workouts. That means you could visit us as little as once or twice a week, depending on your present workout schedule or  
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Since this is private one-on-one training, we have received interest from a variety of clients of all fitness levels including older population, disabled (including Parkinson's), post-rehab and athletes.

Personal Boxing/Kickboxing Workout

A personal training workout using traditional boxing/kickboxing training methods. Fit2Box offers a way to "train like a boxer" with an experienced Personal Trainer. You get a personalized boxing/kickboxing workout with an empathetic, knowledgeable and friendly Personal Trainer. This is not the latest workout fad. We take you through an actual boxing/kickboxing workout just like the pros but with the attention, care and guidance of a Personal Trainer. The benefits of a boxing workout have always been known. But until recently training like a boxer was not always possible because of the lack of personal trainers with enough in-depth boxing knowledge to teach the workout. Further, traditional boxing instructors either do not want to teach everyday people or rarely have the personal skills that one would expect of a traditional personal trainer. Learning basic boxing/kickboxing techniques allows a participant to workout at levels not thought possible. Techniques will be taught and the client will at times forget that they are even working out as they concentrate on fun and exciting combinations with their personal trainer.

Strength Training and Cardiovascular Workout

Utilizing free-weights and cardiovascular equipment, we will design a program, which will focus on the major muscle groups and provide a workout that will allow each client to reach his/her personal health and fitness goals. Our clients have a variety of goals including body fat reduction and weight loss, strength gain, increase energy, relieve stress and overall toning. Based on an initial health and fitness assessment we will determine what will be the most appropriate program for each client.

Combination Personal Training Sessions 

This program allows a client to begin with a brief, focused strength training routine and finish up with a boxing/kickboxing cardiovascular workout or vice-versa.  It is important to keep a training schedule exciting and reduce boredom so that one can achieve their goals.  Splitting up a workout routine makes a client who normally gets bored with a traditional strength training routines more likely to stick to a continual training schedule.

Personalized Weight Loss Program

This is not just another quick weight loss scheme. We specially design a program which is specific to each client so that he/she has fun working out and sticks with the program. Using various tools such as stability balls, medicine balls, bands, free weights, dumbells, treadmill and various workout techniques taken from Boxing /Kickboxing, Pilates, Yoga and traditional weight and flexibility training, we can design a program which will be fun and motivating for anyone. Working out and a balanced diet is what works, not fad diets. We will be there to help you get the lasting weight loss results you have always wanted.

Online Personal Training
At Home Personal Training ( North Borward /Palm Beach County)


Each of our programs takes into consideration the following areas of fitness:
Muscular Strength Training
Muscular Endurance
Cardiovascular Endurance
Of course, we carefully assess each individual to determine the most appropriate mix in the development of his/her fitness program and can help you get proper nutritonal information.

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