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Fit2Box 30 Minute Circuit

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but the Fit2Box 30 Min Circuit is not available at this time




In an effort to find more affordable alternatives for our clients, we are now offering a 30-Minute Boxing Circuit. This is for anyone over 18 who wants an affordable way to add a fun and effective boxing workout to their schedule, even if you've never thrown a punch in your life.

This is ideal for someone who has always wanted to try a boxing or kickboxing workout and does not have a lot of time or the space to hang a heavy bag at home. Each person works out at their own pace and anyone at any fitness level can participate. A few friends can even workout alongside of each other as they work through the circuit. Even if you've don't know a "jab" from a "cross" we will walk you through it and teach you everything you need to know to get started. So come give it a try!


The Fit2Box 30-Minute Circuit will work as follows:
For one monthly rate clients can come in for any scheduled Fit2Box Circuit session. You can come in anytime during the scheduled Circuit Time as long as you complete your 30 min. workout by the end of the session. Each station will last 3 minutes with a 30 second rest. So a new opening is created every 3 minutes.

The workout is set up with the following stations:
Station 1 Warm Up with Jump Rope, Jumping Jacks or Bike
Station 2 Stretch and Shadowbox
Station 3 Heavy Bag #1 (Kick &/or Punch)
Station 4 Heavy Bag #2 (Kick &/or Punch)
Station 5 Heavy Bag #3
(Kick &/or Punch)
Station 6
Double End Bag and/or Weights
Station 7 -
Station 8 - Speed Bag

Station 9 - Abs/Cool Down

Each week we will have new recommended combos to do on the bags and recommended weight exercises. However, since this is an open gym, you are welcome to do your own thing as long as you stay in the proper circuit order to keep things moving properly.

* For new clients, we will teach you the basics of boxing and how to wrap your hands in order to get you started. This will either be done in a group before the Saturday Circuit or during one of our slow times while the circuit is going. We encourage anyone of any fitness level over 18 years of age to join, even if you feel out of shape and haven't worked out in a while. This is a great way to learn how to box and get in to shape at your own pace with the support of our Fit2Box trainers. And, if you're still a bit hesitant, we'd like to assure of our main goals is to keep the Fit2Box atmosphere friendly, welcoming and comfortable for people of all fitness levels.



Instead of charging an enrollment fee, we ask that clients purchase their own gloves and wraps.
We'd be glad to order gloves for you or assist you in any way choosing gloves from a local retail store. If you have any questions or you'd like us to place an order for you, please call or email us.
Here are a few wraps and gloves we have ordered in the past for clients:
Click Here for Ringside Wraps
Click Here for Top Contender Sports Gloves (Synthetic)
Click Here for Top Contender Sports Gloves (Leather)
Click Here for Ringside Gloves

If you have any other questions or you'd like to set up an appointment, please call us at
Or you can contact us at the following email address:
We look forward to hearing from you!